Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Big Sexy Brain Award

Awards on the Internet are like gold stars in school - the people handing them out aren't necessarily qualified to do so, but it doesn't stop them being really, really awesome to get...

So for that reason, I've decided to award the five smexiest (smart + sexy) blogs on my Blogroll with a We Love Your Big Sexy Brain award.

To qualify for this award, all you have to do is have a big, sexy, pulsating lump of grey matter between your ears - and stimulate ours when we read your blog.

Because Smart = Sexy. Just like a girl who owns her own Harley Davidson, a smart blogger is HOT even if she isn't necessarily hot.

Smexiest Blogs on my Blogroll:

(Un)scripted Sexuality: Sasha was probably the person I originally envisioned this award for, since she's definitely one of the smexiest bloggers out there - and stands head, shoulders and big, ol' sexy brain above her peers in the 'blogs about sexuality and stuff' category.

After all, if you're looking for the worst of the blogosphere, you'll normally find it amongst the blogs about sexuality. All the normal failings of a bad blogger - like infrequent updates, tedious posts and dreary self involvement - are amplified when that particular blogger thinks they're 'edgy' and 'sexy' because they use the word 'fuck' a lot.

Sasha's blog, on the other hand, is sweet and earnest and incredibly thought provoking. Plus it's the smexiest thing of all; interesting. Right now she's studying abroad and it's fascinating reading about her experiences of life in another country - especially since I've made a simultaneous journey in the opposite direction.

So head on over to Sasha's blog. Just be aware that it's kind of adult focused.


Jo's Haunted Eyeball: I actually know Jo in real life and she's pretty damn smexy in the flesh, too (totally has the Naomi Watts thing from Tank Girl going on) so it's no surprise that her blog really stimulates the old synapses. She writes movie and TV reviews - and they're awesome.

Jo runs the gamut from geeky goddess to cynical critic and whatever your taste in films or movies, you're sure to find her reviewing something that interests you. Her reviews are hysterical, wildly entertaining and just plain smart, so she totally deserves a We Love Your Big Sexy Brain Award.


The Uneducated Housewife's Guide to Politics: Coffee Bean is a clean living, conservative Christian, so might not be entirely comfortable with the idea of me celebrating her charismatic cranium with a Big Sexy Brain Award.

However, her Uneducated Housewife's Guide was one of the most active and stimulating blogs leading up to the election, in which she pitted libertarian, Democrat, Republican and Conservative against each other to chew up the issues that affected us the most.

What makes Coffee Bean smexy is that she breaks the conservative stereotype and thinks for herself. Both her Uneducated Housewife blog, and her day-to-day blog, are filled with intelligent, thoughtful ponderings in which she does something the hardcore liberals and conservatives are unwilling to do - admit that she doesn't know all the answers. Coffee Bean is an example to all of us and that humbling fact makes her very smexy indeed.


Pandora Blake: Pandora's blog is definitely adult orientated - in fact, it's about spanking. That being said, she balances the line between saucy and smutty perfectly, so most people would find her blog no more offensive a good Carry On film.

Pandora earns the label 'smexy' because she writes thought-provoking posts as well as sexy ones. Her blog reminds me of classic Playboys from the 1960s: Sure, the pictures are nice - but have you read the articles, too?

From sexuality to psychology, touching on censorship, politics and her personal life, Pandora writes an incredibly intelligent, articulate blog that just happens to have lots of naughty pictures on it! Plus, some excellent examples of her artistic talents, too.

So a well deserved award for her - but be warned: Pandora's blog, despite being no more explicit than a night at the Moulin Rouge, should definitely be considered Not Safe For Work.


Finally, we come to The Chemist and his Chemical Journey. I know he's a guy, but in accordance with the Captain Jack Harkness Principle, I'm confident enough in myself to admit that he's got a big, ol' sexy brain. In fact, The Chemist is quite extraordinarily well-endowed (brain wise, that is.)

His blog is about chemistry - which he manages to make far smexier than you might imagine. However, he also throws in some pretty inspired posts about politics and the odd laugh-out-loud adventure from his personal life. Definitely a man I'd want on my university challenge team.


So there we have it - the five smartest, sexiest, smexiest blogs from my blogroll - oh, and don't worry, winners. Unlike most Internet awards, I don't feel compelled to ask you to find five friends and 'pass it on.' After all, that would dilute your smexiness.

Each and every one of you - your well deserved award is below:


Coffee Bean said...

uuuuhhhhh... ummmmmm... I'm blushing to the point where I'm sure my temperature has raised significantly and my hair is in danger of spontaneously combusting! Just reading your descriptions of those other blogs makes me need to find a confessional... and I'm not Catholic!

Whew... I'm going to have to think on how to put this on my blog... and you bet it will be going on my blog! I am very touched Roland... even if I'm on fire.

Coffee Bean said...

I've passed on the award...

(laughing devilishly)

The Chemist said...

Whoa, thanks, and the lone male on the list too, I'm really not that smexy!

*Secretly knows full well that modesty is a smexy attribute*

Pandora said...

Eeeeee! *blush* That is so generous of you. Thankyou! :)

Anonymous said...

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