Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who Am I?

This politician has been mentioned an AWFUL lot recently. Can you guess who he is?

  • One former president said of him: "There could not a be a finer candidate for President."
  • New York Times named him amongst the "Ten Most Important Living Americans."
  • To his critics, he is "Wonder Boy."
  • His political career has seen him spearhead a campaign to promote home ownership amongst lower income families and he has promised unprecedented influence of African-Americans upon being elected president.
  • He came up with plans to end popular tax cuts by the previous administration.
  • He's been accused of "reckless and extravagant" spending plans and "leading the country down the path of socialism."

Who could I possibly be talking about? Answers in the comments section, please, and all commentor's will be entered into my Christmas Competition (since only five people entered the original one!)


GEMMERZZ said...

obama?! :)

Coffee Bean said...

Mr. Magoo??? You should come up with a harder question.

Anonymous said...

Must be NoBama. CB is right. That's an insanely easy question.

paisley penguin said...

My guess is Obama too.

BTW - left a little something for you over at my blog. It's a little feminine (sorry) but I think you will like the sentiment....

Suki said...

Obama... except that he doesn't fit that silhouette!

Anonymous said...

It's gotta be President Clinton.

Anonymous said...

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