Thursday, November 12, 2009

I owe somebody an apology...

In this post, I ranted about a 'ginger' crack made by one of my favorite webcomic creators, Randy Milholland, for his snarky strip 'Something Positive.'

Randy actually took the time to respond to my criticism - and revealed why he'd thrown the ginger zinger in there.

As I mentioned earlier, the characters of Something Positive are all based off real friends of Randy's - including the lovable Jason. Except in real life, Jason isn't blond, as he appears in the comic strip. Apparently, he's incontrovertibly, irredeemably ginger.

So the 'joke' of Jason's gingerist comment was that he's really ginger himself. That turns it from a blithe anti-ginger crack to a sublimely hilarious 'inside joke' that I simply didn't get (and nor would anybody else who didn't know Randy and his friends.)

So now, not only do I realize that Randy's got an even more highly-developed sense of snark than I'd originally anticipated - I can also feel all smug and self-satisfied knowing that I'm 'in' on a joke that other people will miss.

So Randy? I owe you an apology - and thanks for explaining things.

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