Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Militant Ginger sics on Something Positive

The name of my blog, Militant Ginger, sometimes seems like something of a relic. I haven't felt 'ginger angst' for a long time since moving to America (except for my spat with Nintendo.) Living in a civilized country, it's easy to forget that I once lived in a nation in which being a redhead meant being the butt of everybody's joke.

But I got a reminder today - from a most unlikely source. Randy Milholland, creator of the fantastic webcomic 'Something Positive', threw in a completely cheap 'ginger joke' in today's strip.

This was gleaned from this comic and stolen under the auspices of the Fair Use doctrine.

It's not so much that it's a 'ginger' crack that annoys me - after all, South Park managed to stretch the ginger thing into an entire episode and I was nearly wetting myself throughout. It's just that it's a lame 'ginger' crack. 'Never trust a damn ginger' is about as funny as some of the punchlines Garfield cracks these days (i.e. not very.)

Well, I'm not going to get my knickers in much of a twist about it, but I'm still left thinking; not cool, dude. I love Something Positive - as demonstrated by my fanboy rave here - but still feel like the 'ginger' punchline was a little beneath Milholland.


Susanne said...

Ah, come on! Your hair color is great so don't worry about such comments. :)

Urban Wild Cat said...

I've got two orange cats, and I'd say that the little Ginger Ninja's are completely untrustworthy.

Anonymous said...

It's funny that people only get offended at things that directly affect them, but gloss over the cheapshots at other things.

Also, I think SP got you some free hits. Good job.

Roland Hulme said...

Hey anonymous - Randy actually contacted me and let me in on the joke. What I didn't know is that the 'real life' version of the ginger-hating character is actually ginger, which is fairly funny.