Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Zombie Dies

A while ago I posted about my writing machine - a battered, slightly unreliable e-machine given to me by an ex girlfriend. With the help of a new keyboard, moniter, CD Rom and mouse, it worked with some semblance of life.

Until the day I started writing The Bootleg Boys - long before I started Nanowrimo.

I patted out 7,000 words of my blazing new story in a single day and then, to my horror, the zombie laptop ate them all.

Permanantly. There was an error while saving which turned my 7,000 word file into a 2k blip. I couldn't recover my story because there was no story on the file to recover.

It knocked my writing on it's arse for months, until I finally decided to use Nanowrimo as a catalyst to get me writing this story again.

But while Nanowrimo still continues with success, my relationship with this computer has been damaged beyond repair. And now the computer is in the same state as our relationship.

I think I was only keeping it for sentimental reasons anyway. Tina wanted to make sure the hard drive didn't have any compromising information on it. So she took a hammer and hammered out some prose of her own.

Goodbye, loyal little laptop. You will be missed.

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