Sunday, November 26, 2006

It's done...

At the end of my stint with 107.2 WinFM, I was lucky enough to get leaving presents from the guys. Sally Gates knew about my plans to publish my book and bought me a great book: The Insider's Guide to Getting Your Book Published by Rachel Stock.

Rachel was a publisher who spent years choosing what books would get published or not. She's taken what she learnt doing that and put together a brilliant guide to help budding writers hone their chances to get their books published.

That, along with Ian Hocking's brilliant guide on Approaching an Agent, set me up nicely on how I was going to pitch Adventure Eddy to a publisher.

I have finally done it. I have chosen my editor and publisher - I won't mention who they are, but they're the ones I would want, in an ideal world, to take Eddy on - and put together my proposal.

I understand what the publishing world is like and I have really 'shot for the stars' by going straight to the top, but I think by aiming so high, the sting if I get rejected won't be so bad.

I am hoping, in a month of so, to hear something back.

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Dr Ian Hocking said...

Best of luck, Rolski - let us know how you get on.