Thursday, June 22, 2006

100k and counting...

Adventure Eddy: Chapter Twenty Five

Today, I officially beat the 100,000 word mark.

Adventure Eddy is past Chapter Sixty and it's by far and away the longest thing I've ever written. My stories tend to come to a climax after about 60,000 words, but Adventure Eddy always promised to be something a bit different. I estimate the first draft to wrap up at around 120,000 words and then I need to get busy with the trimmer and bring it down to an acceptable 80,000 words for the final, finished, edited version.

For the layman, that works out as about as long as Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

It also marks an exciting stage in the story. The beginning of the end.

This is the bit where the bad guy pulls out a gun and says: "Well, Adventure Eddy, you have discovered my plot..."

As anybody who has followed the career of Adventure Eddy will know, he exists in an outdated world of adventure stories and crime thrillers. The bad guys explain their plots before they rub their prisoners out and killing in cold blood is strictly frowned upon.

I've tried to shy away from that in Adventure Eddy, but the following still occurred.

This happens in Chapter Sixty-Five, by the way. Got a while to go before you read this on the blog:

Kat was silent, standing by Eddy's side.

Eventually, Eddy asked: "Can I sit down? I'm kind of hung-over."

[deleted] indicated the sofa with the gun.

"Keep your hands where I can see them," he warned. "Any sharp moves and you're dead." He looked emotionlessly at Kat. "Same goes for you, Honey."

I can't help it. So much of Adventure Eddy is fresh and new and exciting to me. However, at the end of the day, I want to write adventure stories and that's what I write. So sue me.

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