Monday, June 19, 2006

The Rat Pack

Last night, T got us press tickets for The Rat Pack: Live From Las Vegas, at the Mayflower Theatre.

As anybody who knows me will be well aware, I am just obsessed with Frank Sinatra. Last night, I got to pretend, if I squinted my eyes, that I was actually watching him live.

It all started in 1998, when Frank Sinatra passed away. I was sitting in my room in Rose Farm and an old black and white show came on. Channel Four were playing one of the 1961 Rat Pack show recorded at The Sands.

That was my first real introduction to Frank, Dean and Sammy. I sat there, slack jawed, and thought to myself: "These are the coolest men who ever lived."

I went through a VERY early mid life crisis at that point and started listening obsessively to Frank Sinatra's music. Frank was the guy who helped me win over my girlfriend at university (although her boyfriend at the time like Christian Rock, so he never really stood a chance.)

Frank Sinatra was the reason I was so obsessed with going to New York, and I'll forever remember my nights in Hoboken, Frank's birthplace. Except the first one, when I turned up there by accident after one too many martinis.

Throughout the last eight years of my life, Sinatra has provided the sound track. Last night, watching the incredibly performance of Sinatra-clone Louis Hoover, it was almost I got a chance to see the Chairman of the Board himself.

If you get a chance to see this show, I really recommend it.

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