Friday, October 01, 2010

Blakely and Boles in the Case of the Wrong Genius

I owe an apology to talented author (and his illustrator) CJ Henderson for my recent review of his page-turning unputdownable, Where Angels Fear.

Professors Blakely and Boles face a menagerie of menaces, all brought vividly to life here by the talented Ben Foglotto.

In my review - which you can read here - I incorrectly identified the talent behind the novel's cover as Erica Henderson (whom Militant Ginger is an enormous fan of.)

In fact, it was Ben Fogletto who penned the cover - plus those of many of CJ Henderson's other books, including The Occult Detectives of CJ Henderson and The Supernatural Investigators of CJ Henderson. Great cover - wrong artist (kind of like when Frank Sinatra did Mrs Robinson.)

I blame my mistake on how Erica and Ben have similar styles, and that Erica has worked with CJ before - most notably with Baby's First Mythos (which I'll be buying Mini Militant this Christmas!)

Anyway - here's a post to correct that oversight, and to give another shout out to CJ's collection of stories, which is definitely an appropriate choice of reading matter in the leadup to Halloween.

And while Ben's web presence isn't all that big, you can find examples of his work all over the place - most notably gracing the covers of CJ Henderson's other books. Ben - apologies for not giving you your dues earlier.

Another example of Ben's work, inked by Scott Goodell for CJ Henderson's The Sacrifice.

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