Saturday, October 02, 2010

Double Standards

50 Cent is an America rapper renowned for glamorising guns, gangsters and jolly things like that.

50 Cent, looking tyically jovial

Yesterday, he was discussing sex in his typically 'frank' (i.e. badly spelled) manner on Twitter and joked that men who refuse to give their wives or girlfriends... ahem... we'll call it 'oral reciprocation'... should commit suicide.

Or, in his words:
In one of the most overblown examples of hyperbole I've ever seen, members of the gay community took this as a personal insult - with utterly inane magazine Fenuxe even going so far as to claim that 50 Cent was demanding 'gay men commit suicide' because clearly gay men are the only ones who'd ever refused to go south of the border with a woman (in the words of one of my female friends, this is giving straight men far too much credit.)

Fenuxe magazine - to add insult to injury, they decided to eviscerate 50 Cent by using a photo featuring him wearing plaid.

There was much manufactured outrage - but significantly more rolling of the eyes from anybody with a brain in their heads. This is because, while 50 Cent is not exactly an ambassador for gay/straight relations, it was patently bloody obvious what he was talking about and it had nothing to do with gay men at all.

To call his comments homophobic was at best a 'spin job' worthy of Alistair Campbell - or at worst, a pathetic fabrication.

I expressed my thoughts on this manner and received an awful lot of negativity in return - apparently not leaping on the bandwagon is considered almost as homophobic as 50 Cent's comment was allegedly supposed to be.

Anyway. That put me in a thoroughly bad mood.

Considering I'm a staunch supporter of equal rights, same sex marriage and rainbow thing in general - I even write for Out Front Colorado's blog - I felt it slightly hypocritical to be crucified for pointing out what was clearly, unapologetically bullshit on the part of a few outspoken members of the gay community.

But let's move on.

Later, the inimitable Siger forwarded a video to me produced by non-other than Blackadder writer Richard Curtis - the man behind Four Weddings and a Funeral and Love Actually (and one of my favorite episodes of 'new' Doctor Who ever.)

It's a video about the importance of dealing with climate change. Have a look at it here:

In the video, figures of authority in schools, the workplace and the football field (ah, no political commentary is complete without reference to soccer) enthusiastically blow up those who put up their hands to say they're not going to change their lifestyle to reduce carbon emissions.

BOOM! Fake blood and guts splattering their colleagues.

This video is 'wrong' for two reasons.

Firstly, it's a big, steaming pile of shit. It's badly acted, badly produced and overall has the production quality of Das Cardboard Boot (a film my friends and I made at university - featuring a home-built, giant cardboard submarine.)

Secondly - it's pretty goddamn offensive.

There we were, with the gay community outraged - outraged, I tells ya! - by 50 Cent's inane commentary; yet the same liberal types were curiously silent - nay, complacent - regarding this pile of crap.

Despite the fact that it was in appalling taste (suicide bombers haven't been 'funny' since 5-7-2005) it was also basically advocating the message that: "Get with climate change, or we'll blow you up."

It's offensive, okay?

It's utterly offensive - and the fact that people on the left wing of politics (and I'm looking directly at those individual gay friends of mine who got so mad at me for 'defending' 50 Cent) aren't willing to utterly condemn this video means that I have no patience for them 'demanding' that I should support their attention seeking - or, apparently, lose my 'supporter of gay rights' membership card.

It really doesn't matter whether you're on the left wing or right wing of politics - hypocrisy and bullshit is colorblind, and should be called out whenever and wherever it appears. Currently, the liberal side of politics just scored two astonishing own-goals.

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IMR2D2 said...

"There we were, with the gay community outraged - outraged, I tells ya! - by 50 Cent's inane commentary; yet the same liberal types were curiously silent - nay, complacent - regarding this pile of crap."

Liberals displaying HYPOCRISY? NO!!!!! Can't be!

The most offensive thing, is that taxpayer money was probably used to PRODUCE this steaming pile of liberalism.

What we ought to do is have a comeback!

Exterior shot: show the UN building in New York.

Inside, the entire UN panel is and an American asks them: "ok, which countries want to vote on this bill to restrict global emissions, even though there's absolutely no proof to support it?

(They vote, and a HUGE TV-map of the world on the wall, shows all the countries who signed the Kyoto treaty lit up with red lights, while the rest remain dark).

Ok, meeting adjourned.

"Oh, and one more thing:"

He pushes a button-- and the TV-map shows a big nuclear fireball that on EVERY COUNTRY ON THE MAP THAT HAD A RED LIGHT.

"Thank you!"


If they want to THREATEN us, just remember-- WE'VE GOT THE GUNS, YA PINKO SCUM!!!