Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More Ginger Discrimination from Britain

"Santa loves all kids - even GINGER ones!"

So boasts a new Christmas Card from British supermarket chain Tescos - replete with a picture of a grumpy Santa tolerating a freckle-faced redhead sitting on his lap. The Daily Mirror have the story here.

Redheaded mum Davina, and her three ginger tots.
Tesco has been blasted for selling a Christmas card which pokes fun at ginger kids. The card has left the mother of three red-headed children fuming after she spotted it while shopping.

"I've shown it to a lot of friends and they're disgusted by it. I just don't find it funny at all."

"I have never seen anything in my life promoting making fun out of people with ginger hair. Maybe I am just being naive but they shouldn't be able to make fun of ginger children like that."

The redhead mother, Davina Phillips, might never have seen anything making fun of ginger kids before, but I certainly have. Remember this ad, with a happy ginger family and the slogan 'There are some things in life you can't choose?'

I find it deeply disturbing that Britain's sinking deeper and deeper into a sort of 'politically correct' fascism, in which you can't say anything remotely negative about somebody's race, sexuality, disability or religion - yet it remains 'open season' on redheads.

The inimitable Mycroft emailed me today with a quote from urbane American Reginald D. Hunter, who announced on Have I Got News For You that the Brits couldn't even get racism right:

"You try, of course - but you just don't get it right... Take Ginger people. They aren't even a race and you give the guys hell..."

He's absolutely right, of course. Prejudice against redheads seems to remain a uniquely British - and uniquely stupid - phenomenon.


Microft said...

I hate Tesco and Asda full stop. I tweeted the other day 'Dear ASDA Self Service, my item IS in the bagging area. If I was trying to steal it do you think I would have scanned it in the first place?'

They suck. The world is changing, were not treated like people anymore.

Susanne said...

Wow, look how beautiful those ginger-haired children are! I love their hair color. See why we fought the Brits? Who wants to be part of a country that doesn't appreciate red hair?

Seriously, what a mean card. I've never heard redheaded people made fun of like that. Most people here seem to like red hair to varying degrees. I think it's charming.

Anonymous said...

south park, a popular american tv show dedicated a full episode to ridiculing gingers, in ireland here we do it all the time. didnt even know it was big in the uk. i know aussies and canadians who say ripping it out of gingers is pretty common too.

Anonymous said...

The woman should not be listened to, she is a ginger whiner who has lost her temper - just for a change!!!! Ginger people are ugly, it's a fact, and if i was Santa i would not want a ginger kid on my knee because he might kick off into a tantrum, they can't help themselves! No seriously, why are we even talking about this?