Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas in America

It's not quite Christmas yet - but it is the time when many families undergo a uniquely American tradition and take their Christmas Pictures.

Mini Militant's Christmas photo from last year!

In the United States, people tend not to buy generic Christmas cards with pictures of Santa and snowflakes on. Instead, it's much more popular to take personal photos of the family to send in the form of a card. It allows friends and family to see how the kids are growing up - and offers an excuse to express yourself:

A Young Republican Christmas

Being a somewhat snobby Brit, I was originally pretty skeptical of the holiday photo phenomenon - but couldn't help but get swept up into it when Mini Militant was born. After all, it's only once a year and as cheesy as it might seem, it's a lot of festive fun.

Some Christmas pics are just plain creepy.

Christmas Videos are also becoming more popular on video sharing websites - but sometimes I think all this Christmas Sharing is not without cost. Below, I present some holiday pictures that perhaps should never have been.

Screaming babies!

I'm an Atheist, but even I take offense to this!

Can't. Find. The. Words.

Snow? Check. Beer? Check. Unconscious baby? Check. BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!

Santa is creepy.


Susanne said...

Hilarious!! I didn't know taking Christmas pics was an American thing. Hmmm. The things I learn from reading your blog. :-)

Love the Republican one...ha, ha!

Connecticut Yankee said...

I wanted to take a picture for our Christmas card this year (since it's my and the boyfriend's first Christmas living together) but he nixed the idea of a picture of us together. We toyed with the idea of a funny picture featuring our pet, but in the end we just ended up with reagular 'ol boxed cards. I'll fight harder next year.