Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Part One

In what is becoming something of a Halloween tradition, Mini-Militant and I hit the Raritan and Black River Railroad this All Hallow's Eve - to go Pumpkin Picking at spooky Pumpkin Junction.

Unlike last year, Mummy Militant was able to join us this time. It was lucky she was. Last year, Mini-Militant couldn't even stand. This year, he was all set to march down the Railroad tracks in a one-baby reenactment of Stand by Me.

Despite being a virtually abandoned Railroad using vintage diesels, their schedule was still far tighter than British Rail could ever hope to be.

The carriages (sorry - 'cars' over here in America) were a lot better appointed as well! Even though they were from the 1940s - still in the authentic wood and leather.

Pumpkin Junction was a-maizing. They had an intricate corn-maze, hacked through the towering crops. Although Mini-Militant had a 'head' start in the picture below, he actually trudged through most of the maze himself.

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