Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Part Two

Spooky goings-on a-plenty for little Mini-Militant. Dressed up as a cheeky monkey, he was happy to get into character.

Even down to munching on a banana...

My costume - in case you're wondering - is either an authentic eighties-style Heavy Metal 'hair nation' rocker, or my brother in 1988 (because he did rock this stylin' look back in the day.)

Mini-Militant hit the streets in costume to carry out an American tradition - 'Trick or Treating.' This is where you go from house to house and shake down old women for candy - threatening them with 'tricks' if they don't comply.

Or, at least, that's how they do it in New York.

Mini-Militant wasn't entirely sure he grasped the intricacies of 'trick or treating' - but he did like the end result! Om nom nom nom nom!


Susanne said...

Great photos! I enjoyed reading both Halloween posts. Your little monkey is sure cute! And you look nice with the long hair. :-)

Coffee Bean said...


I am hopefully going to get back to regularly blogging now... OY! October 2009 was not a good month for our family!