Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Response from Nintendo

If you guys remember, I complained to Nintendo that their 'Mii' editor on the 'Wii' didn't have an option for redheads! Read about it here.

Well, I got a response. Only it's not nearly as funny as my letter to them was.


I can see why you feel the way you do, although I can assure you that Nintendo doesn't have anything against anyone with red hair--or any other color for that matter. At this time I haven't heard of any plans to update the Mii Channel, but I will make sure that your comments about it are included in the channel's record of feedback.

We do occasionally hear from those who want some attribute or characteristic added to their Miis, but to us the beauty and success of Mii creation is in its simplicity. What amazes us is how creative users can be with the relatively few tools provided. In the case of hair color, I can only speculate as to what the designers were thinking, but there are eight colors provided. One of those colors is a reddish-brown, which I'm sure they thought would bridge the gap, as it were.

I thank you for having taken the time to share your concerns with us and for allowing us to respond.


David Marshall
Nintendo of America Inc.
My response?

Dear David Marshall,

Many thanks for your response. So absolutely no chance of a free Wii then?

Yours faithfully,

Roland Hulme, a.k.a. Militant Ginger

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Kali said...

There's nothing more therapeutic that writing letters to large corporations. Please let us know if he responds to your request for a free Wii!