Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Operation Gingermobile: The $1,600 dream machine...

I blame it on Olds Chick! She was the one who left this message on Operation Gingermobile:
As the owner of a 1978 Mark V, I get about 15 mpg in the city, and better on the highway.
I'd ruled out the beautiful Lincoln Continental Mark V as a potential 'Gingermobile' because it has the dubious distinction of being one of the most thirsty production automobiles ever - apparently getting an estimated 7mpg!

But Olds Chick has blissfully disputed that - and, as a result, it looks like the Lincoln's back in the game! Previous to that, I'd still been looking at Pontiac Firebirds and the good old chevrolet camaro.

I especially liked the Lincoln Continental Mark V for a variety of reasons:
  • It's a big, luxurious car like James Bond's Bentley or The Saint's Hirondel.
  • It's got classic American swagger and squishy suspension like The General Lee.
  • James Bond drove a 'Continental' (Bentley, that is - but the same name!)
  • James Bond also drove a Mark V (Bentley, that is - but the same name!)
  • It's pimpin', unique and stylish - kind of like me.
  • Two doors, four seats and a huge boot/trunk - Adventure Eddy essentials.
The only drawback? It's got an automatic gearbox. All Lincolns do!

Nevertheless, even that drawback pales into insignificance when you consider this:

When I searched for Lincoln Continental Mark V's in my local area, I found this black beauty for just $1,600! Look at it! What a gorgeous motor car!

$1,600 is a bargain for this classic auto - although there's probably a reason for that! Sixteen hundred is less than the deposit for a brand new Hyundai!

I imagine that to get this potential Gingermobile up to inspection standards would probably involve quite a serious investment. And to really soup it up, I'd like to do the following:
  • Add a five-speed manual transmission from the similar-vintage Ford Mustang
  • Sling a loud, dual-exhaust 'cherry bomb' set up pipes on there
  • Uprate the suspension so it handles tightly
  • Add rack-and-pinion steering for clean, crisp control
  • Swapping out those whitewalls for big, fat racing tyres
  • Repainting it British Racing Green or cherry red.
By that time, you're looking at splashing out enough cash to buy a new chrysler! Except you won't have the crash-test rating or acceptable fuel economy!

But what a ride that would be. Everything a Gingermobile should be - rough and ready with a refined edge. I love it already!

Sadly (or as far as Mummy Militant's concerned, fortunately) I don't have $1,600 or more to splash out on this - but while that still leaves me without a Gingermobile, I feel the search is getting closer to a conclusion.

Oh, and in other car-related news, the infamous Ford Transit van (most normally seen at 90mph, three inches from your rear bumper in the fast-lane of the motorway) is coming to America! They've announced that the much touted 'backbone of Britain' will be heading Stateside in 2010. The ford transit connect will offer a fuel-efficient alternative to Ford's regular lineup of trucks and pickups.

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Coffee Bean said...

You crack me up! With your huge personality you definitely need a car to match!