Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Happy Birthday Barack Obama

Today is the birthday of President Obama, who was born 48 years ago in Kapi'olani Medical Center for Women & Children, in Honolulu Hawaii (despite what delusional 'birthers' claim.)

Whatever you think about his fledgling presidency, it's certainly started out as a historic one. Some people think he's the 'Obamamessiah,' others quite literally accuse him of being the 'AntiChrist.' But as far as I'm concerned, he's the start of a new era.

I'm excited for Mini Militant to be growing up in 'Obama's America,' whatever that might turn out to be.

When I was only a little older than he was, Britain had their own historic leader take office - Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Even though I was too young to really appraise her time in office, I'll still always think of her as 'my' Prime Minister.

Perhaps Mini Militant will think the same way about Obama - even if he grows up to have starkly different political views.


Tom said...

Perhaps Mini Militant will think the same way about Obama.

Maybe, but probably not. Don't forget, the US president is term limited, so he'll be at most eight, but more likely four, when Obama leaves office.

Both strike me as relatively young to really identify with a president.

Oh, and today is also Coast Guard day.

whatwas said...

Happy birthday!
The age of 48 was good to American presidents: