Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Clinton saves the day?

Say what you want about Bill Clinton, but today he's a damn hero.

Flying off to North Korea - pandering to the enemy, as some Republicans declared - paid off.

Two American journalists, held under espionage charges by the regime of Kim Jong II, were pardoned from their twelve-year sentence and are flying back with the former President this very evening.

That the two journalists were held under false pretenses isn't up for debate.

What is open to discussion is the effectiveness of Clinton's smooth, southern diplomacy.

Following a presidency marked by silence and belligerence towards uncooperative foreign regimes, this is perhaps one step closer to proving that communication might be the key to bridging the differences between 'them' and 'us.'

Today, diplomacy worked

Obviously, communication isn't effective against the likes of Al Qaeda or Hamas - but against those undeclared enemies of ours - like North Korea, Iran and even Russia - the philosophy of America's youngest president, Theodore Roosevelt, springs to mind.

"Speak softly," he advised his government in foreign matters. "But carry a big stick."


ck said...

OK... not sure where to start here.

I read a few right wing sites, not one of them criticized Clinton for this trip. This was actually how you do this kind of thing. You do not send the president of the US, you send a 'diplomat' to do the talking. Because they are not speaking for the official US, just a kinder folk from the US. Now as a Republican I actually praise this because its not Carter. Carter is a freaking idiot and I hate when he goes to speak for the US. Clinton on the other hand has been successful in the political arena and knows when to shut up.

Now Barack is nothing like Roosevelt, because unlike Barack... Roosevelt meant it! And in the era of Bush speaking loudly was not a bad thing. We were attacked and we needed to man up.

Now also don't play this by how you deal with NK, Iran, and Russia on other matters. You don't negotiate with Iran or NK about their 'evil' sides bent on destruction. You stake a position and stick to it.

However, two trapped reporters are not a matter of national security and speaking nicely isn't going to jeopardize our country.

But as a Republican, I praise Clinton today.

Roland Hulme said...

Hey CK! Good to see you!

I actually read in the Huffington Post that some right wing critics said that Clinton's visit was 'rewarding North Korea for bad behavior' - although having Bubba turn up on your doorstep to eat all your fries and relieve you of your two pretty hostages doesn't exactly sound like a 'reward' to me!

ck said...

Well before you quote the right wing, try reading their stuff. While I'm sure SOME said that, I'm sure some liberals did as well.

The HP is not a good source for balanced news.

Roland Hulme said...

Fair comment, CK. The HP do tend to only steal from CNN and the left leaning media.

As for the liberal reaction - one person I read even compared Bubba Clinton to James BOnd!!

Susanne said...

Yippee for southern charm! ;-)

I'm glad those women came home today!