Monday, August 11, 2008

More on Georgia...

Like a toddler fighting a heavyweight, Georgia isn't putting up much of a fight against Russia's troops. Despite calls for a ceasefire, Russia is brutally advancing through the small country and has successfully bisected it.

This is quite astonishing. It's not a diplomatic matter any more - a squabble over a couple of rogue provinces. It's an invasion, plain and simple. Within hours, Georgia's capital, Tbilisi, might be captured. Will that be before or after the last of the Georgian resistance is eliminated with typical Russian efficiency?

I think it's clear what Russia's intention is - to teach Georgia (and any other former Soviet republics) that friendship with the US and support of the United Nations will not be tolerated. I imagine a new government (friendly to the Russians, rather than the West) will be put into power soon enough to eliminate the 'problem.'

In addition to neutering a potential NATO ally, Russia's diplomatic (if not military) control of Georgia will give them access to the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline, which pumps millions of gallons of oil to the Black Sea.

We've all just seen how easily manipulated the price of oil can be (and how devastating the effect on America's economy it is.) It fills me with dread to think of the unscrupulous Russian government with a stranglehold on 'America's addiction.'

NOTE: Some people are already talking about a third tactic explaining Russia's wildly disproportionate military response. With war in the headlines, oil prices creeping higher and more uncertainty in the world, it's almost certain that an increasing number of America voters will lean towards a presidential candidate who they feel has experience in 'national security.' i.e. John McCain.


Expatmum said...
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Expatmum said...

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What I was going to say was, whatever my opinions about the Georgia/Russia situation, I deeply object to McCain stating to the Georgians that he speaks "for all Americans" in his support for them and/or condemnation of Russia. He is NOT my President, nor hopefully will he ever be, and I don't remember him taking the country's pulse on this issue. Sheer electioneering!