Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cleavage Combating Cancer?

Okay, I'll admit it. I don't get invited to any cool parties any more (not that it matters. Wifey, Baby and I will stay at home and have cool parties all of our own, thank you very much - and you're not invited to any of them!)

But I did recently - by no less than Tara Mack, host of Playboy Radio's awesome dating game show Play Date. Admittedly, the event was open to everybody, but I did actually get a personal email invite from Tara herself - meaning that finally, at long last, I can kid myself that am one of the cool kids.

Unfortunately I couldn't attend, since hours-from-delivery Tina would probably not have been impressed if I'd disappeared off to Los Angeles instead of being in the hospital with her when she gave birth (and she couldn't have gone herself in case her water broke on the dance floor.)

But the important thing is that I got an invite. And by all accounts, we missed a fantastic bash.

The event was a massive fund raiser Tara had organised for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, dedicated to helping those affected by leukemia and blood cancers. It's a cause everybody at Playboy Radio feels very strongly about - not least of which because Playboy Radio's own superstar Nicki Hunter was diagnosed with lymphoma early last year.

The party was apparently a blast - literally heaving with Playboy legends like Christy Canyon, Vanessa Blue, Tiffany Granath and morning show presenter (and former Special Edition Playboy model) Andrea Lowell. Awesome prizes were up for grabs and Tara hosted a live version of her quick-fire dating quiz with some of her loyal listeners.

The only downside to the awesome event was that Tara and company failed by a mere smidgen to achieve their fundraising goal. So I thought I'd ask any of my readers who might know somebody affected my Leukemia or Lymphoma to visit Tara's fundraising page and donate just a few dollars to this excellent cause.

You can make a VeriSign secured donation through www here.

Hopefully Tara will be able to reach her goal and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society can continue their excellent work.

Oh - and if you have SIRIUS Radio, don't forget to tune into Tara Mack's Play Date every weekday at 5pm Eastern on SIRIUS Channel 198.

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Suki said...

.. and I was hoping you'd say that well-endowed women are at a lower overall risk for cancer!