Thursday, February 14, 2008

Can Playboy Radio Save Your Relationship?

Since human civilization first arose, over seven and a half thousand years ago, man has continued to make startling developments.

He invented the wheel. The steam engine. He split the atom, sent men to the moon and now stands on the brink of cracking open the human genome itself, harnessing the very building blocks of life.

But despite all those achievements, it seems man is still no closer to understanding the oldest, greatest enigma of all.


But help is at hand, in the form of Playboy Radio presenter Tara Mack.

Every weekday afternoon, Tara opens the phone lines on Play Date. This quick-fire quiz offers a surprisingly candid glimpse into the enigmatic female brain - and helps a succession of hapless male callers hone their relationship skills.

The principle is simple. Tara, along with celebrity judges and female listeners, sets up a series of 'dating challenges' male callers have to overcome. These range from the simple (like coming up with romantic poetry) to the sublime - such as the cringe-inducing round in which callers have to wriggle their way out of a merciless hypothetical argument.

The show ends with callers competing for the celebrity judge's favor - by answering increasingly awkward questions as if they were trying to woo the lady five minutes before closing time at a swanky bar.

But the appeal of Play Date isn't so much the games themselves - although the behavior of the enthusiastic male callers are often laugh-out-loud funny. It's actually in the witty banter between Tara Mack and her team of scathing female judges.

Male listeners should sit poised by their SIRIUS radios, notepad in hand. You can learn a lot from these ladies!

The girl's chat reveals a surprising amount of the female thought process - revelations that would often surprise even the most confident Casanova.

For example, the average man might think flowers and chocolates were the ideal romantic gesture. For Tara Mack, she'd be more impressed by her man jumping into the shower with her fully clothed - so caught up in passion that he doesn't care about soaking his Armani houndstooth!

For any man who's ever scratched his head at his wife or girlfriend's seemingly inexplicable antics, an hour-long dose of Play Date will help illuminate the inscrutable female mind.

Okay, you might not discover the secret to the feminine psyche (don't feel bad. That's eluded man for the best part of eight millennia.) But it might help you score some extra brownie points!

Tara Mack hosts Play Date from Monday to Friday at 5pm EST (2pm Pacific.) Tune in on Playboy Radio SIRIUS Channel 198.


Tara Mack said...

I'm now officially your biggest fan. WOW. Thanks!

farrell said...

As Tara's biggest fan...I thnak you as well.