Thursday, June 19, 2008

The New Jersey Gas Paradox

New Jersey has some of the lowest petrol prices in the country - still a hair's breadth under $4 a gallon while the rest of the country heads towards $5. What New Jersey doesn't have, however, is a single gas pump selling Ethanol.

Now I've mentioned several times that Ethanol is not the answer to America's gas crisis - but it might well be the solution to my own personal gas crisis (the five litre 'gas crisis' I've got parked on the driveway.) Driving a Firebird 'hot rod' would be a lot more affordable if I could fill up on the $2.75 a gallon ethanol for sale in neighbouring New York and Pennsylvania.

Which I can't, since my Trans Am can travel about 175 miles on a single tank of gas, which is barely enough to drive me to the nearest Ethanol pump and back.

It does make me wonder why New Jersey hasn't embraced Ethanol. Da Doity Joiz, as some people call it, is one of (occasionally the) richest state in America and liberal enough to embrace most tree hugging 'hippy crap' people suggest.

I'm sure such misguided people (like me) would make Ethanol a roaring business in this state, as long as the costs remained cheaper than petrol. But, no.

Nobody's got the testicular fortitude to give that game a try and as such, I'm left pretty much like the entire United States - a slave to fossil fuels.

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