Thursday, June 19, 2008

McCain's Secret Weapon...

Okay, last blog post for today (I don't know what got into me.)

Has anybody seen John McCain's secret weapon? His totally gorgeous daughter?

Meghan McCain is more than just your typical corn-fed, all American girl. She 'keeps things real' from the John McCain campaign trail with her cute blog - featuring lots of snaps and a daily music recommendation (something sorely lacking from Obama's campaign!)

Considering McCain's major disadvantage is his appearance as a crabby, grumpy old man, it's quite ingenious to use Meghan to appeal to younger people. But don't imagine for a second that Meghan's just there to add 'youth' appeal to McCain's campaign.

She's socially liberal, defiantly outspoken and was, until recently, a registered Independent. Although she's accompanying her dad across America, be under no illusions: She's no Chelsea Clinton.

Thank God. [Note beer clutched in right hand - Definitely our kind of girl - Editorial Bear.]


Meghan said...

She almost makes me suddenly feel the Republican party isn't so bad. Almost.

PQG said...

She 'keeps things real'...

There are two things I suspect she hasn't kept real.