Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More hypocrisy from PETA...

As you're all well aware, I can't stand the animal-murdering frauds who call themselves PETA - The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals [Or, more accurately, Parasites for the Enrichment of Their (own) Association - Editorial Bear]

At the moment, this vile organisation is attacking the organisers of Wimbledon - who have found that the two hawks they employ aren't up to the task of scaring off London's militant pigeons and have resorted to shooting the flying rats rather than let them dive-bomb players and pedestrians with guano.

“Cruel and illegal behaviour!” A PETA spokesman called it.

And they should know! After all, PETA have been captains of cruel and illegal behaviour for years.

Read my previous post for more details - including the circumstances that let to this tragic picture of slaughtered puppies.

But just in case you were fuzzy - let me lay out the basics for you. PETA raise upwards of $25 million dollars a year in the United States - which they donate to bona fide terrorist organisations or squander on fraudulent adverts urging impressionable children to give up eating meat or wearing leather (the best was 'Your Daddy's a Murderer' with a picture of a blood-hungry father returning from his 'genocidal' fishing expedition.)

Yet despite raking in such huge amounts of money each year - PETA is actually responsible for murdering more animals than any other so-called 'humane' organisation.

PETA aggressively lay claim to abandoned and homeless puppies, kittens and animals - and then murder over 90% of them every year. They claim they can't afford to do anything except 'euthanize' these animals - but that's not true. If they used their fortune to pay for keeping these pets long enough to re home them, most of them could be spared.

Other humane organisations did - and on a fraction of PETA's budget. Virginia Beach SPCA, right down the road from PETA’s Norfolk headquarters, managed to adopt out almost 70% of the animals in its care last year.

So the fact remains - PETA fraudulently squeeze money out of ill-informed animal lovers and then WASTE all of it. Since their wretched organisation's inception, they have failed to do one single positive thing for the welfare of animals - and have, in fact, slaughtered thousands of them.

PETA murders animals - and anybody who willingly donates money to them is as guilty as they are of animal cruelty.

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Meghan said...

Wow, this is a shock. I've always been a PETA supporter so I'm off to research this further. Thanks.