Sunday, June 22, 2008

British Hypocrisy at it's Best!

Two news stories, right next to each other on Yahoo's homepage.

First, we have Chancellor Alistair Darling urging 'restraint' in giving pay increases and bonuses to Britain's workers - in an effort to curb inflation. Prime Minister Gordon Brown even pompously announced that Members of Parliament would forgo their annual pay increase to set an example to the British people.

But another story, on the same page, announced that Members of Parliament, although losing their 4% annual pay increase, would see their salaries increased by a whopping £40,000 a year! This was in order to compensate for losing their expenses budget which paid for a second home in London.

The £40,000 pay increase is equal to the maximum expenses claim, so more MP's will reap the benefit of this pay increase and, like EVERYTHING Gordon Brown's government touches, it will cost British tax payers more.

More hypocrisy from Gordon Brown and his cronies!


Max-e said...

This brings to mind a similar incident in the old Rhodesia, under Ian Smith's rule, during the bush war. In spite of all the austerity measures parliament voted themselves a fat increase, which resulted in substantial and vociferous criticism from the general public. The smarmy response from the government spokesman was "If you pay peanuts you get monkeys".
A friend of ours, one of the captains of industry, responded to this in the Herald with, "If you have monkeys, why pay more".

The Chemist said...

Haha! You Brits have a fiscally irresponsible government!

Thank God I live in America.

...Oh right. Crap!