Friday, June 20, 2008

Campbell is a [Insert word beginning with 'C' here...]

I am generally a loving and peaceful person who extends goodwill to all men (except people who change lanes without using their turn signals.)

However, there is one celebrity I utterly, utterly detest. Naomi Campbell.

The British 'supermodel' has been in the newspaper so many times for assault and abuse that it's not funny. From slapping personal assistants to lobbing mobile phones at people, she is the living embodiment of the 'utterly worthless celebrity diva' stereotype.

Now she's done it again - brawling with police at Heathrow Airport. Apparently she was yelling insults at the captain of her British Airlines flight (including baselessly accusing him of being a racist) and then assaulting the three police officers who came to escort her off the flight.

Blissfully, a court has found her guilty as charged! The destructive diva faces six months in jail and a £5,000 fine.

I'd prefer it if she was forced to suffer the consequences of her actions - and lost her VISA to work in the United States. That's what would happen to a regular person charged with these crimes. Unfortunately, Campbell - like other celebrity brawler Russell Crowe - will use her money and influence to remind people that the benefit of fame and fortune is not having to abide by the same rules as the rest of us.

In the mean time, I'll be waiting to hear what she gets sentenced with. I think some time in jail would teach this waste-of-oxygen a valuable lesson - and spare the rest of us from her detestable presence.


Enemy of the Republic said...

I'm in agreement with you! There are so many people who want to come here from countries like Albania, Pakistan, Mexico in order to start afresh and make a new life. This woman represents everything I loathe about celebrities, talented or not and she has none. She thinks she is entitled to perpetual homage--Naomi, you are washed up and unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

Racism - The key word all enthics (they are no longer minorites) use when they are accused of doing something they know they are guilty, of but can't find a way out of by normal ethical means. She has made me, and I am sure many others absolutely hate her and her type. When she does something useful for society, like going to fight real racism in Darfur or similar, then I will take notice. For now she is a useless mouthpiece for the worst type of arrogant upstart society has manufactured, and should stick to walking up and down isles.

Jamie said...

Naomi has a serious problems with airport security and cell phones. For serious.