Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Friendly Fire Terminates Kitty

JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP, New Jersey (AP) -- A piece of artillery that was apparently misfired by the military crashed through the roof of a New Jersey home miles away Friday and injured a young girl's cat, which had to be euthanized, officials said.

Yay! Good to know such an efficient and tightly run military organisation is stationed mere miles away from my house.

I feel really sorry for that family - and especially for that poor cat. I mean, the kitty was just sleeping on this little girl's bed and then BLAMMO. In comes a shell, flying through the roof. What are the odds?

I'm still bitter from poor Ava getting hit by a car. I'd be irreconcilable if my beloved pet cat was the victim of artillery bombardment.

This story gratuitously stolen from Erica Henderson's site.


Kitty said...

Jeez, that title gave me a shock. I thought I was about to kick the bucket! x

Meghan said...

Ack, that's horrible. I can't imagine ever losing Tinkerbell.

Sorry for the loss of your cat.