Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Saint is Back!

Some incredibly exciting news!

One of my friends from British Expats, Alan, emailed me with a sizzling snippet of information about an upcoming Saint series.

Ian Dickerson, chairman of The Saint Club (and advocate of Adventure Eddy) posted this statement from the new show's producer, Bill Macdonald:

“We're prepping the two hour pilot for a European shoot (given the strike situation in U.S.)

James Purefoy, Mark Antony in "Rome," is set to play the new Simon Templar.

It's being produced by Macdonald, Geoffrey Moore, (Sir Roger's son) and Jorge Zamacona (most recently of "Oz".) Shooting begins in Berlin and Australia in April.”

What exciting stuff! I just hope it lives up to the hype.

Jame Purefoy, from Somerset, is a good looking choice for The Saint. He even screen-tested for James Bond - and the Bond movies took a lot of nods from Leslie Charteris' work !

(James Bond spinning his hat across the room onto the hatstand, for example, is a nice little trait borrowed shamelessly from Simon Templar's stable of circus tricks.)

Fingers crossed it lives up to it's potential.

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Dan Bodenheimer said...

Hello and I agree it is great news about James Purefoy being the new Simon Templar in The Saint. It's also great that Ian Dickerson and Burl Barer are tied into the new show, as they are sure to keep the best interests of The Saint at heart. For more details about what Bill Macdonald told you can see