Monday, January 08, 2007

The Guillemots

I found something crying; it was my soul,
I fed it milk so it wouldn't grow old,
We crossed the borderline at dawn,
And woke up in a field of corn...
The Guillemots, Annie Lets Not Wait

Please. Please. PLEASE!

I don't CARE if you got a gold star in Creative Writing when you were at school. Your nonsensical scribblings are NOT LYRICS.

They don't even make as much sense as the Beatles "I am the Walrus." And they wrote that when they were on LSD.

Plus, let's be honest. You guys in the Guillemots aren't the Beatles. You're not even the Rutles.

If there's one thing worse than hideously manufactured pop music, it's hideously pretentious indie music. The whole thing about indie music is that's it's supposed to be... Well... Indie. And Pendent. Not regurgitations from your Year Nine English homework.

The fact is, there are countless more talented musicians out there than the Guillemots. One I particually like at the moment is Amanda Duncan.

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