Saturday, January 06, 2007

Donny Tourette Finished in House. Career Following in Same Direction.

Donny is Gonny
Saturday 06 JanuaryDay 4, 00:50

The wild man decides he's not up for a life of servitude...

Life as a servant just wasn't rock and roll enough for Donny. The singer last night decided to escape both his Quarters and the entire Celebrity Big Brother House. Full story here.

C4 were onto me.

Realising that the whistle had been blown on imposter Donny Tourette, the limp-wristed fake-man of punk was given orders to exit the house - or risk throwing C4 and Endemol open to ridicule.

In an escape as dramatic as yesterday's Hollyoaks, Donny scaled the wall of the Big Brother house and landed the other side. Shortly afterwards, an announcement was made that the wannabe Sex Pistol would not be returning to the house.

Now start counting. Let's see how many seconds it takes for the newspapers - and soon the world - to forget about this non-entity.

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Anonymous said...

I feel that Popbitches are the authority on this sort of thing and this, inter alia, is what they have to say:

Spinal Tap minus the comedy. And musical talent.

Anyone who owns any of their records should have their genitals eaten by wolverines.

Definitive, no?