Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Truth about Donny Tourette and Towers of London

While I still think it's possible that Sid Vicious wannabe Donny Tourette is an entirely manafactured 'celebrity' much like Chantelle, from last year's Big Brother, it's becoming increasingly more likely that there is some obscure legitimacy to Towers of London.

A helpful commenter pointed me in the direction of Amazon, where it's possible to find Blood Sweat and Towers, an 'album' from this punk band. While it was released mid 2006 and the reviews have a certain artificial quality to them, it suggests that Towers of London was in existence - barely - before Donny's appearence last night.

The real question is: Are Channel Four really so desperate to fill spaces on Celebrity Big Brother that they're trawling the lamest bands currently playing in student unions? Is that why they selected Donny Tourette, a man previously known only for his staggering obscurity?

What's more likely is that C4 plucked Donny from music's sub-bench and groomed the prancing twit to be their ringer in the Big Brother house. Somebody has done their work creating this so-called celebrity, placing articles and easter eggs across the internet for eager googler's to find.

But Channel Four? You're not fooling anybody. Donny Tourette is no more a celebrity than I am and his role in the Big Brother house is obviously linked to another sly plan by the devious bods behind the show.

The scary thing is: People will buy it.

Just like Simon Cowell managed to manipulate the Christmas number one for two year's running, the media can neatly 'produce' celebrity overnight and the hundreds of edits and editions to the Wikipedia entry that occured last night will be enough to convince anybody looking Donny Tourette up that he is - or rather was, before last night - a celebrity.

It's all smoke and mirrors.

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