Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Donny Tourette, Tower of London, Celebrity Big Brother: A fraud. Post by TINA

This is an email that Tina wrote regarding Big Brother, which started tonight, and I couldn't have put it better myself.

After watching the launch of Celebrity Big Brother 2007 I must say the folks at C4 are pulling the same junk they did with that dense barbie doll, Chantelle. They invented a guy called Donny Tourette and they are trying to pretend that he is the ever so famous lead singer of a fake band called Towers of London.

If you Wikipedia him or the band a full page spread of info will come up but if you click the "History tab" on Wikipedia you will see that no electronic history for the man or the band exists before November 30 the 2006. So C4 even rigged Wikipedia. Well its actually not that difficult to rig Wiki, Roland's done it before.........
[I put up a page about Adventure Eddy, until it was deleted due to 'lack of general importance.']

Perhaps the only shear [sic] genius they had this season was putting "Face" from the A Team in there, he made a historic entry into the big brother home. Its a good line up, but it looks like they are out of good ideas. What do you think???

Well, one peice of evidence... The Wikipedia report of Donny being 'drunk upon entering the house' appeared on the net BEFORE he'd even appeared on screen.

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Anonymous said...

Is this a spoof too?,,1926603,00.html

Rolski said...

Late October 2006?

Seriously, this band has 'arrived' very recently.

I work in the radio business and I had no idea they existed until tonight. Man-a-fact-ured.

Anonymous said...

Try this then: