Friday, January 05, 2007

America Ferrera is Ugly Betty

Another brilliant show from Stateside.

Ugly Betty is a rambuctious romp through the New York fashion scene, seeing ambitious fashion accident Betty Suarez (America Ferrera from Real Women Have Curves) landing a dream job as Assistant to the Editor at Manhattan's top fashion magazine Mode.

How did she land this job? Well, she's ugly. Overweight. With braces on her teeth and big chunky glasses. Betty was only hired by the magazine's owner because she was the only girl he was convinced his philandering son (Eric Mabius) would NEVER sleep with.

It's a slick, stylish fantasy - and it's great.

With over the top music, cookie cutter characters and a plot obviously inspired by The Devil Wears Prada, it shouldn't be... But it's cute and America Ferrera is somehow adorable and lovely even in her increasingly outrageous outfits. And unlike the Cult of Wag which is sweeping the world, she's a girl who proves intelligence, ability and ambition are more important than sleek good looks, anorexic skininess and expensive clothes.


carrie said...

DID YOU KNOW... that Ugly Betty was a show on one of the many spanish speaking channels (I can't remember which) called Betty la Fea? Many of my Puerto Rican friends in New York watched it, and I did several times. It was a great show, even without Ferrara.

Armida said...

I have very much enjoyed reading through your blog... just wanted to let you know (as stated before by "carrie") that Ugly Betty is based on a show called "Yo soy Betty la Fea" which was originally produced in Colombia in 1999... the orginal show was wonderful too!