Sunday, December 11, 2011

All about ME!

Hi friends! Sorry about the delay in blogging recently. I've been having a bit of an identity crisis when it comes to Militant Ginger because for too long it's become something of a "blog without portfolio."

There's no I in team, but there are 3 of them in Militant Ginger
At the moment, I am an incredibly prolific (some would say promiscuous) blogger. In addition to my own blogs, which include this one plus the Exchange Coffee House and M for Man!, I maintain over half a dozen other blogs for regional and national businesses - plus my other social media mischief.

It's all taught me something important - that the secret to a successful blog is clarity of purpose.

A blog needs to be about something - something specific. Just like selling a book to a publisher, or an article to an editor, your blog needs to be about something that can be summed up in a single sentence.

So with this bold new understanding of successful blogging to go by, I have decided to define just what Militant Ginger is going to be about - me!

I started this blog as a "personal blog" and that's what it's going to return to being. Or, more specifically, it's going to be a way to update people with things going on in my life (the adorable Micro and Mini Militants) and my career (musings on social media, writing and other adventures) plus news and opinion that's relevant to my interests (stuff about classic cars and ginger hair, but I'll leave the politics to the Exchange Coffee House.)

More importantly than that, I'll use Militant Ginger as a venue to highlight where you can find me elsewhere on the net - when articles, videos or stories come up involving me.

It might sound INCREDIBLY egotistical, but is increasingly the face of my business identity as much as my personal identity and I think this approach is going to be the best one to meld them both together.

Anyway. I hope you'll enjoy what you find here - and thanks for being a part of it!


Andy said...


Dangit, a personal blog should be just that...ALL ABOUT YOU!!!

I've learned that lesson well...have focused on the incredibly interesting nature of my life, my good looks, and keen insights into the nuances of life. And because of it, about 3 people have found my blog worthy of visiting at least once a month.

Seriously...good on ya'! Everybody needs an Oasis in the dry ol' blogosphere where they can just sit down and be "me."

Truthfully, I enjoy reading that kind of stuff better than anything else.

You're a good man, Roland. And a blessed man.

Anonymous said...

The site looks great. Good idea, Rols. You prolific writer, you. Happy Christmas, too :-)

I'm find my way back to blogging myself, having also spent the year figuring out what the hell I want to write about and where to put it. Solving this by doing two wordpress blogs, one for reviews and one for writing. Anyway, still good to see you're out there and I hope you keep writing!