Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Alec Baldwin Quits Twitter

Baldwin: Quit Twitter
One of the most prolific celebrity Twitterers, Alec Baldwin, found himself on the receiving end of some unflattering criticism yesterday; after he started criticizing American Airlines for throwing him off a plane (and snarling up airport traffic for over an hour.)

I find it rather ironic that a man who's reaped vast rewards with Twitter as a platform for his political punditry – and even his proposed run for the New York Mayor's Office – could be frightened off the social media platform so easily – especially since the heat he brought was entirely of his own doing.

But then again, isn't that the way of Twitter? In the case of all the celebrities who've dropped off the Twitter rader – including the most-followed man on the Internet, Ashton Kutchner – it's the result of the uncomfortable attention they got for something dumb they said, posted, responded to or retweeted.

It seems like a Twitterer's worst enemy is always himself (or herself.)

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Anonymous said...

I can't be the only one who finds it fascinating that Baldwin has become (or perhaps has always been) Jack Donaghy. Why can't he put the pants of one of his other characters on? Yeah, perhaps he wouldn't fit in his old Jack Ryan pleats but it would be a nice change of pace to see him perform an outrageous Tom Clancy feat instead of the usual escapades of Douchebaggery.