Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Gentleman's Emporium – you disappoint!

As readers of Militant Ginger know, I rock two things: The Victorian Aesthetic and slights against redheads. Now a post combining the two!

Top Hat, Waistcoat and Rifle Coat
Today, I was disappointed to discover that the Gentleman's Emporium – the fine haberdashers who have supplied many of my wardrobe items – have neglected to cater to the ginger nation with their new line of faux mustaches.

These impressive stick-on 'tasches are available in a wide selection of styles and colors – from ash blonde Ambassador to black Oil Can Harry – but none appear to match my hair color, or that of any of my ginger brethren!
This is disappointing, to be sure.

While redheads comprise only a tiny fraction of the population, there is a statistical spike amongst cosplayers and steampunkers (likewise Renn Faire attendees and comic con vistors.)

Similarly, American and Victorian history had a higher-than-the-national-average percentage of redheads in roles of leadership and note (from Thomas Jefferson to Winston Churchill.)

I've accepted that many companies are guilty by omission when it comes to gingers (Nintendo dismissed my complaint that you couldn't make a redheaded Mii) but I had hoped the Gentleman's Emporium would be a bit more evolved in this matter.

After all, I'm a loyal customer of theirs and a fierce ambassador of their brand (where did I get this cool rifle coat, you ask? Let me give you the website.) It's not nice to be unable to add a fine mustache to my collection of nifty Victorian costuming.

(Personally, I think I'd rock a Barbershop mustache.)

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