Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Mummy Militant Month on Militant Ginger, Part The First

If anybody has been keeping up with the news, the word "Weiner" should be on their lips.

Because New York Representative Anthony Weiner is currently in the spotlight for his "inappropriate" behavior online with several wanton women. He's sent saucy pics and salacious messages to a number of ladies and now the scandal's in the open, this Weiner is getting roasted.

Weiner's saga, though, should be a lesson to many of us. Here is a man not guilty of any actual infidelity (that we currently know of, watch this space) but just caught being a weiner (no pun intended) online. The angle most people are focusing on is: How could he do this to his wife?

And I mean, seriously. How could he? He's married to perhaps the hottest Democratic woman in politics (which is admittedly a small field) Huma Abedin.

Tall, tanned, educated and enlightened, she easily eclipses any of the woman Weiner had an online dalliance with. Why was he munching on 99c burgers, if you'll excuse the clumsy metaphor, when there was prime rib waiting for him at home?

Well, I don't know the answer to that question - but I do know this: There are literally thousands of men who have Huma Abedin's waiting for them at home and they don't give them the love and appreciation they deserve.

They might not be sending crotch-shots of themselves to random porn stars (as Weiner did), but there are American men in all fifty states who are married to amazing, beautiful, brilliant women and simply take them for granted.

If the Anthony Weiner scandal taught me anything, it's that I might be one of them.

Because as soon as I saw Huma Abedin's imposing profile in pictures, it made me think of my own Mummy Militant; who shares her olive skin, luxurious black hair and photogenic features. After nearly eight years of marriage, I was suddenly aware that maybe I take her for granted; and that's unforgivable.

Mummy Militant with a pony. Because we all love ponies.

I might not be sending bulging crotch-shots of myself to anybody, but perhaps I am guilty of coming home each night and treating Mummy Militant more like a roommate than a life-partner, and more like a partner-in-crime than somebody who is bearing the second of my children (and the nearly eighth year of my collective bullshit.)

So for the next four weeks, I've decided to dedicate a post a week to the woman who inspires, indulges, teaches and tolerates me - Mummy Militant.

Because for all my sins, and after all these years, I still think she's amazing. There is still not one single day in which I don't come home, gaze into those big brown eyes and think: "Wow."

A fairy-tale romance - if fairy tales included skullduggery, handcuffs, deportation, pirates, sports cars, dachshunds, Pontiac Firebirds and rum.

I don't think a week has gone past in the last eight years in which she hasn't done something that's totally knocked my socks off - constantly challenging any and all limitations I foolishly imagined she might have.

She's incredible. She's amazing. And, quite frankly, I'd be one hell of a Weiner if I didn't spend a few days this month acknowledging that fact.

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Susanne said...

How sweet! You sure seem to have one great wife! And congrats on the new little one! :)