Friday, June 03, 2011

Happy Blogversary!

Today marks two incredibly special events in my life.

The first? It's officially the fifth anniversary of Militant Ginger! June 3, 2006 was when I started blogging for the first time. 1,712 blog posts later, we're still here!

Read the first ever Militant Ginger blog post here

Secondly, it's four years to the day since I moved back to America! Come a long way since waiting tables and selling pharma.

Read my post about arriving in America here

So much has happened in the past half-decade - and I know so many more exciting things are on their way. What will I remember from this June 3, when I look back on it in five year's time?

Something amazing, I hope.

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April said...

Happy Blogiversary Rols! I am happy I found you and happy we are buddies!! You and Mrs. Militant should come to AZ so I can buy you guys a beer!!