Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Green Hornet: A Ginger Superhero?

I've long complained that there aren't any ginger action heroes - Adventure Eddy notwithstanding. Yet all this is about to change in January, with the first bona fide ginger superhero hitting the silver screen.

Comedy legend Seth Rogen (who some people have said I bear a passing resemblance to - especially during his chubby stage) is taking the role of Britt Reid - a newspaper-man turned vigilante who fights crime under the moniker The Green Hornet.

Seth Rogen, unaware I rocked the chunky glasses, sideburns and tuxedo look long before he made it popular

In the footsteps of other masked crusaders, like The Shadow and The Saint, the Green Hornet started life in radio programs during the 1930s. Similarly, he hit the small screen in the 1960s, with none other than Bruce Lee starring as his martial-arts expert sidekick Kato. He's been slower making the transition to the cinema screen, however - although it's looking like it was worth the wait.

Car! Machine Guns! Ginger! *faint*

I'm excited, because it'll be the first time a true ginger has rocked the starring role in a good, old fashioned adventure movie. I'm also excited because The Green Hornet is right down my street - there's even a souped-out classic car involved, the iconic '66 Imperial Crown sedan known as 'Black Beauty.'

Oh, he may be The Green Hornet, but Seth needs to take a page out of my book when it comes to posing with cool cars.

Don't take my word for it - check out the trailer!

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