Thursday, July 08, 2010

Farewell Philly Ducks

Last year, Mini Militant's English Godfather visited, and we trotted off to Philadelphia for the day.

It was a lot of fun - and one of the highlights of our trip was a ride on the famous 'Philly Ducks' - amphibious tour vehicles that took us for a ride across the city and then 'swam' up the Delaware.

We had a wonderful guide on our journey of duck discovery - a woman who claimed to be called 'Betsy Ross' like the prodigal flag-maker - and I'm sure one of the reasons I love the city so much is because of her enthusiastic, informative and irreverent tour of it.

Sadly, though, tragedy struck yesterday when a barge struck one of the Philly Ducks as it rode down the Delaware - knocking over thirty tourists into the water. Sadly, two have still not been found.

Unsurprisingly, the Philly Ducks were grounded immediately after the incident, and Georgia-based company 'Ride the Ducks' shelved the rest of their 250 duck-based vehicles a day later. It looks like there's a possibility the days of the duck tour are over.

It'd be a real pity if they were - I'd even been toying with the idea of taking Mini Militant on a Philly Duck Tour this summer. Mind you, given what has happened, maybe it's a good job I didn't.

In any event - my heart goes out to the family of the missing tourists.

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