Monday, December 28, 2009

Something, Something, Something Darkside

Considering that hit Fox TV series 'Family Guy' owes its entire existence to another animated American family (The Simpsons) it should come as no surprise that imitation is what the team behind it do best; hence this hilarious follow up to last year's animated spoof of Star Wars.

A send-up of the Star Wars sequel 'The Empire Strikes Back,' 'Something, Something, Something Dark Side' sees the 'Family Guy' cast adopt roles from the hit science fiction story - injecting a healthy dose of humor into a surprisingly faithful script adaptation.

At an hour long, writer Kirker Butlet does a good job cramming in the essential action, plus plenty of hilarious asides and fanboy factoids, into the run-time (did you know Lando Carlrissian takes off to save Han Solo wearing Han's own outfit in the final scenes of 'The Empire Strikes Back?')

Like many of the recent episodes of 'Family Guy,' the jokes induce more smirks than guffaws - but the real joy of this series has always been in catching all the neat little pop-culture gags - and they come thick and fast with 'Something, Something, Something Dark Side.'

This episode hasn't yet been screened on Fox, so a good reason to buy rent or buy it to catch all the action before us plebs with cable - but as an added bonus, the DVD version is unrated, so includes all the crass perversity missing on network television.
However, at $18.99 for the hour-long episode, 'Something, Something, Something Dark Side' is ultimately only in the price range of dedicated fans - especially as most of the gags will be coming to your television sets for free shortly enough (estimated to be some time this January.)

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