Monday, September 28, 2009

Operation Gingermobile: The Hulme?

A friend of mine asked me if there were any other notable Hulmes (not that I'm particually notable, even for my Ginger activism.) In the midst of Googling for more notable namesakes, I discovered this incredible thing:

It's a Hulme - pronounced "Hull-Meh" - CanAm. This 7 liter, 600bhp supercar is designed by a company based in New Zealand and named after eponymous 1967 Formula One champion Denny Hulme.

Only 9 Hulme CanAms are being built a year - but new models are already being planned - including one with a windscreen! The one I'm excited about, the Hulme F1, will be a fully-enclosed grand tourer design along Le Mans specifications. If they can throw in a decent boot and windows you can climb in and out of, I'm sold!

Check the magnificent Hulme motor company out at their website.

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