Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New York City elections

Okay, I'll admit it - as much of a liberal as I am, I almost always lean towards Republican candidates in local elections (with the notable exception of Chris Christie, who is running for Governor of New Jersey.)

On November 3rd, the polling opens for Mayor of New York city - and we'll see incumbent Michael Bloomberg stand against Democratic nominee William C. Thompson - New York's current Comptroller.

Bill Thompson has the dubious distinction of being endorsed by corrupt Democratic senator Chuck Schumer, the notorious Al Sharpton and District Council 37 - the city's biggest union. For that reason alone, I'm really concerned about his ties to 'special interests'.

Michael Bloomberg, on the other hand, is an incredibly capable business mogul with moderate political opinions. He began life as a Democrat, much like former mayor Rudy Guiliani, before getting nominated on a Republican ticket.

Okay, Lady. I kissed your damn baby. Now do I get your vote?

Bloomberg is the eigth richest American - and the attitude that built his fortune has served this city extremely well. He's very pragmatic and practical - and brings with him an methodology that embraces the best of the private sector. Admittedly, he's 'profitized' certain aspects of the city administration - like increasing parking fines to practically criminal levels - but that's offset by the positive things he's done.

Bloomberg's main push in his third term (he fought to have term limits repealed) will be to improve education across the city and help ease poverty.

Bloomberg with another baby - watching Wall Street traders hurl themselves from the Stock Exchange earlier this year.

Michael Bloomberg isn't a perfect candidate by any means - but he's a damn good one and I believe the city will do much better under a third term of his leadership than Bill Thompson's.

Residents of New York City - don't forget to vote this November 3rd.

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