Friday, June 05, 2009

Undiscovering Flight 447

Brazilian officials have just released this astonishing news; the debris identified as the wreckage of missing Air France Flight 477 did not belong to the Airbus 330 as reported earlier.

"Searchers are back to square one," France's Transportation Minister, Dominique Bussereau, admitted to RTL. "Our planes and naval ships have seen nothing."

Two items had tipped Brazilians officials into announcing that they'd 'discovered' the missing aircraft - a wooden cargo pallet and a large slick of engine oil. French officials developed doubts when they confirms that the Air France flight didn't use wooden pallets - and there was more oil on the surface of the water than could possibly have come from the engines of an Airbus 330.

So the question still remains - what happened to Flight 447? And, more importantly, where is it? In this instance, no evidence is more puzzling than some.

Equally puzzling - just where did the pallet and oil that Brazilian officials recovered actually come from?

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