Thursday, June 04, 2009

"British Democracy" - a contradiction in terms?

"The people of Britain are what is called a democracy," said Moung Ka.

"A democracy?" questioned Moung Thwa. "What is that?"

"A democracy," broke in Moung Shoogalay eagerly, "is a community that governs itself according to its own wishes and interests by electing accredited representatives who enact its laws and supervise and control their administration.

"Its aim and object is government of the community in the interests of the community."

"Then," said Moung Thwa, turning to his neighbour, "if the people of Britain are a democracy-"

"I never said they were a democracy," interrupted Moung Ka placidly.

"Surely we both heard you!" exclaimed Moung Thwa.

"Not correctly," said Moung Ka, "I said they are what is called a democracy."

Credit where credit's due - Neil Clark put me onto this.

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