Monday, June 01, 2009

'New Moon' trailer snaps teenage knicker-elastic all across America

Today, fans of Stephanie Meyer's 'Twilight' saga were in official 'fan squeeee!' mode.

(For the benefit of Siger - a 'fan squeee' is the high pitched 'squeee' that emerges from a fan's mouth upon discovery of new or exciting material pertinent to their particular obsession.)

The reason for their excitement? The trailer of the latest adaptation of the Twilight books - New Moon - hit the Intertubes with a vengeance.

Read my dissection of the Twilight saga here.

In many ways, New Moon is both the best and the worst of the Twilight books. It's terrible because it sees snotty schoolgirl Bella Swan disintegrate into utter patheticness when she's dumped by pallid, prissy boyfriend Edward. (Apparently, vampire Edward doesn't trust himself or his family not to drain Bella of blood like a carton of Ribena.)

But while Bella is moping about, the book steps up a notch by following the saga of cheerful Native American 'Jacob,' played in the movie by a surprisingly buffed-out Taylor Lautner.

A love triangle, werewolves, motor cycles and cliff-diving make Jacob's antics far more exciting than the dreary romance between Bella and Edward - which is why New Moon promises to be even better than entertaining adaptation of the original Twilight.

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