Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why did 'God' only write one book?

A contributor I shall refer to as 'Siger' piqued my interest by sending me this:
The One Book Author

Many authors are well known for only one book, and many with a best-selling first book never follow it up with another successful one. The best-selling book of all human history is of course the Bible, actually written by many authors over nearly a thousand years. First published after many editorial battles, it is regarded by many as having been actually written by an author referred to as 'God'.

It is strange that after such a successful product, God has not released the sequel for nearly two thousand years.

It could be, as some have surmised, that God is dead. However, others postulate that his alter ego Jesus lives. He, apart from being nearly two thousand years old (an all-time record that would probably be accepted by the Guinness Book of Records) proves difficult to contact except through a method known as 'prayer.'

There must be many publishers eager to know where he lives, his address, telephone and mobile numbers, or whether he is on e-mail - and even if he would be prepared to give interviews or appear on television.

Google gives more than twenty-six million references but does not include any of this information.

Great will be the success of the agent who is able to persuade Jesus to release to the world 'Bible II.' We look forward to the publication.
It raises a very legitimate question.

If God does exist - and if the literal Biblical interpretation of his is accurate - where is he?

In the Bible, he regularly spoke to his children, or appeared in the form of miracles that could not be attested to anything other than divine intervention.

Today, however, he seems absent. 'Miracles' tend to be the domain of The National Enquirer and the only place Jesus seems to be appearing (aside from the lyrics of 85% of Country songs) is on a variety of breakfast produce.

Why did God stop 'writing' two thousand years ago?

I would be fascinated to hear people's opinions.


Coffee Bean said...

Oh my gosh, you crack me up Roland!!! I wish I knew you in real life!

This so tickled me that I don't know what to say yet. I'll have to come back later.

mre30seattle said...

I'm reminded of an episode of Red Dwarf where they are watching the news reel from the mail pod that has finally caught up with the ship.

One of the news stories reports of a missing page from the bible that reads:

To my darling wife Candice. All characters mentioned are fictitious and any resemblance to actual people is merely coincidental.

Little rambling Angel. said...

I have a theory...

Maybe the Inland Revenue finally sent him his tax bill?

sxychikadee said...

Some say it's because there's no one left who isn't tainted by modern society skepticism to be able to receive messages worthy of adding to the Bible.

Mormons will argue with you because their non-Bible books were written after King James gave us his Bible.

And the Southern Baptist Convention seems to be receiving some sort of messages they believe to be from God.

It's possible the first group is right. Is there really anyone who would be able to not only receive such messages, but convey them and have modern Christianity believe them?

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Awesome question that made me LOL in my blogroll, but god knows!

Amalthea said...

:D Because he never wrote in the first place?!

UNRR said...

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Anonymous said...

Well I do not believe that God stopped speaking or that miracles stopped happening.

But I do not believe you wanted a serious answer, either. So I will leave it at that.

Roland Hulme said...

Hi Anonymous...

I'd just like ANY answer, serious or not. However, just like discussions on free will or 'acts of God,' those answers are lacking.

It seems the vast majority of Christians, when faced with questions they can't easily answer, storm off in a tizzy, complaining "I don't want to play any more."

Anonymous said...

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