Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Two More Days...

...of 2008.

What a year!

If my life was a television series, this season would have been the one that planted all the plot-seeds for the exciting season yet to come. 2008 saw the arrival of El Bambino Boozer, which is surely going to be the start of a lifetime of adventure. It also saw me finally kick the chocks out and start taxiing down the runway towards the lift-off of some kind of writing career.

This is the year I turned 30 years old, which is an utterly terrifying milestone. It's also the year America's first black president was elected, a man was cured of AIDS, OJ Simpson finally went to jail (rightly or wrongly) and the illusion of democracy in Britain and the European Union pretty much evaporated.

This year I finally got my mitts on my dream car - and then sold it again. It was the first year since 2000 that I didn't cross international borders. It was the year of my fifth (can you believe it) wedding anniversary. It was the year I discovered that you can make a baby laugh hysterically by throwing him up in the air and catching him again.

It was a year in which a ton of stuff happened, but most importantly, it was the year in which I realised a ton more stuff was going to happen as a result.

As Frank Sinatra would have said: "It was a very good year."


Coffee Bean said...

A very good year indeed!

mre30seattle said...

I've enjoyed your posts throughout the year and look forward to many more.

Congratulations on all your 2008 success and may it keep on in 2009.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

What a wonderful year you have had Roland, loved this post, Happy new Year to you and your lovely family.

Pat S. said...

Excellent snaps Roland - and ever excellent blogging - here's to a rip roaring '09!

Anonymous said...

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