Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sarah Palin's Outfits

As many of you might have heard, Sarah Palin's in hot water at the moment.

She spent $150,000 dollars on clothing in the last month - something the Republicans have classified as "campaign accessories."

Clearly, the lovely lady looks very nice in the Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue outfits - but people are protesting that this so-called 'humble hockey mum' is falsely claiming solidarity with 'Joe Six Pack' - after all, she goes onstage wearing outfits that cost as much as his house.

I, too, think it's totally inappropriate. Don't come crying to me, Ms. Palin, about how you're just a 'regular working mom' when one month's clothes shopping is a multiple of my yearly salary.

"Oh, but it's okay," the Republicans claim. "She didn't pay for these outfits. The Republican Party did - just so she can look her best."

Oh my God, don't get me started on this rubbish.

First off, I think the GOP owes an apology to every single campaign contributor. Decent working Republicans donated significant amounts of their hard-earned income to help McCain's campaign. How do you think they feel about this silly woman blowing hundreds of thousands of dollars on pretty skirts instead of effective campaigning?

Secondly, as always, this reveals that the Republicans are about as far from the party of 'fiscal responsibility' as it's possible to get. Oh, McCain and Palin are all about saving money, eh? They're all about knowing the value of a dollar, are they?

Well, why the hell didn't she shop at Marshalls instead of Saks Fifth Avenue? Is 'Joe Six Pack' really going to be upset if she turns up to a campaign rally in outlet-discounted skirt and blouse instead of a sexy little number that cost the same as the average American's yearly wage?

Look at it this way. In the last month, this 'small town Mom' spent the equivalent of five (read that, FIVE) union worker's salaries. On clothes.

Most of us are struggling to fill up our gas tanks and pay our bills. Not pretty Miss Palin. She's playing Barbie doll with the Republican credit card.

And they have the gall to accuse Obama of being 'elitist.'

Now don't get me wrong. I know 'the clothes maketh the man.' I know the GOP want Sarah to look her best. But style doesn't have anything to do with expense. One of the few annoying things about the American mentality is the misguided belief that class has a price-tag attached to it. She could look GREAT on one tenth of the budget the Republicans gave her - and even $15,000 a month on clothes is still abjectly disgusting for somebody claiming to be just a 'regular Joe.'

And I certainly don't begrudge anybody who wants to wear those beautiful clothes. I mean, if I earned enough money, you bet your arse I'd be sporting Brooks Brother's sports jackets and zooming around the country in an Aston Martin. But the caveat of that is 'if I earned enough money.' Which I don't.

I admire the Donald Trumps and the Warren Buffets of this world. I think P-Diddy entirely justified in blowing his hard-earned dough on Cristal champagne with diamonds in the glass. I think the life and shopping habits of the super-rich are their own business and they're entitled to every silky luxury they can afford.

But not politicians. Not with other people's money, in any case. Not when they claim to represent the 'working man' and folks 'just like you.'

When Sarah Palin first came onto the political scene, I was quite enamoured by her. I think she was focused, capable and a good person. But she's no 'maverick.' Look how quickly this 'outsider' got enveloped by the bullshit and hypocrisy of politics.

It makes John Edwards' $400 haircuts look like chickenfeed.


Coffee Bean said...

Hmmmm... you know, I recall reading or hearing something back when she was first announced that there was some guff about her clothes. She did not wear designer clothes and some felt she should be dressing more in a manner befitting a vice presidential candidate. And I believe that was coming from her side. I was under the impression that that was not her style. The candidates have handlers who make a lot of those types of decisions and there have been some things along the way that have had me questioning the wisdom of those handlers. I really don't think Governor Palin went on a big ole spending spree and bought herself all the fancy clothes she had ever dreamed of. She probably was totally unaware of the price tag and with all the campaigning I doubt looking into the clothes being provided was on her list of concerns.

You are right in that $150,000 for clothes is completely unacceptable. It'll be interesting to see how this story develops and what weight it carries in the media. So much of what is going around right now is such BS and spin.

Anonymous said...

I could have dressed Sarah Palin for a fraction of the $150,000 spent for her wardrobe. Everyone appreciates couture, but running for higher office doesn't mean breaking the bank.

Anonymous said...

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