Thursday, October 02, 2008

Knight Rider

I expected VERY little from last night's episode of the new Knight Rider series - if truth be told, I was just watching it for the gorgeous Smith Cho.

So imagine my surprise when the episode wasn't just watchable - it was good.

Last night, Michael Knight was sent to infiltrate a street-racing circuit that was serving as a cover for smuggling top secret military hardware overseas. It was a believable plot, limited in scope and exactly matching the formula that made the Hasselhoff-era Knight Rider such fun.

Throw in some car chases, plenty of gorgeous eye-candy and a tightly scripted plot and the whole things turns out to be a recipe for success. I didn't even mind KITT turning into a pick-up truck to go off-roading (since I'd been desensitized to it last week.)

The only complaint? Well, Michael still proves to be an incompetent secret agent. The scene where he sneaks into a garage and gets koshed over the back of the head belonged in a cheesy sixties show like The Saint. We expect better things from our modern heroes.

But overall? GREAT STUFF. Almost all of last week's dire mistakes were erased and I'll be eagerly tuning in for the next episode (which apparently promises Smith Cho in a bikini.)


Sasha Sappho said...

I'm glad the show lived up to your (admittedly lowered) expectations. Sometimes that's the excellent thing about lowering expectations... one of my favorite pessimist cliches goes something like: "I am a pessimist. I expect the worst of every situation. That way, I am often pleasantly surprised." :)

And RYC: Thank you for the compliments. I'm always hesitant to publish any kind of creative writing I do... it feels like a very vulnerable thing to do. Also, thank you for recognizing that it was a poem. I'm not sure everyone did - they just assumed it was ranting... which, I suppose, in a way it was. Kind of like I'm doing now. Time to stop, then. Thank you again; I always so enjoy your comments.

paisley penguin said...

Didn't watch the show last night as planned and didn't watch last year. However, your description of Michael sneaking in to a garage and getting caught reminds me of a scene in The Fast and the Furious. A movie that deals with a street racing gang stealing cars.

Glad you liked the show and I hope to remember to catch it next week.

Coffee Bean said...

Sigh... Do you like any big boy shows?